Hygienic Pumps


INDO PUMP Brand HYGENIC PUMP is the first choice of Dairy plants, Pharma Machinery Manufacturers and Winery plant Manufacturers .

Centrifugal Pumps are used to move liquid through a piping system for food, chemical, water treatment and wastewater applications, among others. The liquid enters the Centrifugal Pump, where it goes onto an impeller that flings the liquid out and away, changing the fluid’s direction, causing acceleration and thereby increasing pressure.


  • Max flow : 70 m3/h

  • Max head : 70 m

  • Max operation pressure : 1O bar

  • High temperature : 51 04°C


  • Pump case adopt new manufacture technique as hydro forming, a volute fluid- flow de sigh to achieve more efficiency.
  • A widely applications to transfer different mediums
  • Motor drawn out from pump design is easy for taking off the impeller without piping removal.
  • Standard DIN flange connection.
  • Reliable construction and compact design.
  • Wide performance scope.
  • Wet-end is all made from SUS304 material.


  • Pharmaceutical and biotech: water for injection (WFI), RO, DI, Process water.

  • Dairy: Concentrated Milk, Cream, buttermilk, ice cream mix, milk, whey upto 50% concentration.

  • Food: Soups, broth, flavorings, syrup, vinegar.

  • Beverages: High fructose corn syrup, single strength fruit juices, fruit concentrates, beer, water liquors.

  • CIP: Solutions , Caustics, enzyme cleaners.

  • Personal Care: Mouthwash cologne, aftershave.

  • Oils: Cooking, frying, salad.

  • Candy: Sugar solutions, chocolate, corn syrup.

  • Cosmetics: Shampoo, lotions.