Indo Pump make end drive Dynamic Balancing machines of IPHB Series are manufactured with latest state of the art technology. All Machines of this series are equipped with analog type control panel. These panels are provided with digital readout for unbalance amount angle.
Each model is of rigid and durable construction, reflecting the highest quality of workmanship. All electrical control and measuring system are separately housed in metal cubicle. All operating controls are conveniently arranged for safety and ease of operation .Variety of options for measuring systems are available to suit variety of rotors.


  • Direct indication of unbalance amount and angle on digital meters

  • Unbalance resolved into 120°, 90°,60° etc. (Optional)

  • Microprocessor based system

  • Any Special requirement to suit various components Optional Mechanical Attachments

  • Vertical and /or Horizontal attachment

  • Milling Attachment

  • Riveting

  • Under belt drive

  • Tangential belt drive

  • Any other tooling system as per special requirement


  • Easy to understand, menu driven “Windows” based software

  • Unlimited data storage (Limited by PC Hard Disk capacity)

  • Extensive RDBMS type database support

  • Detailed test report/ Certificate print format

  • Built-in balancing tolerance presetting for both balancing planes

  • Built-in tolerance calculator as per ISO

  • Built-in Auto Ranging and Auto tracking Filter

  • Built-in special function to separate couple & static unbalance

  • Simultaneous display of results for both balancing planes


  • All pedestals are designed to take 15% occasional overload.

  • For job with Considerable windage effect, lower speed in the ratio of 1:2 can be offered at extra price.

  • All the above machines operate on mains supply of 440, 3Ø, 50 cycles.

  • The dimensions given above are approximate.

  • All models are supplied with Movable Driving Stand Due to constant R&D, specification and features are